Since being laid-off from my job of 18 years in May of 2017, I've focused on my award-winning writing abilities. My experience as a print journalist has proven valuable to persons seeking effective press releases, because I know the difference between a release that is thrown away and one that is acted upon.

As a freelancer, I've also been contracted to write feature screenplays, website FAQ page responses, voiceover scripts for YouTube channels and a top-10 horror podcast on iTunes, as well as other content.

I'm a wordsmith for hire, and deliver professional results, whether you're looking for something formal, or content that's more conversational.

There are a lot of amateur writers out there willing to work much cheaper than I do, but you get what you pay for. I feel for the amateurs. I really do. They've got the heart, but not the talent. They simply want to be able to say they're published writers, often self-publishing, but the quality just isn't there. As the prophets known as Tenacious D once said: "Sometimes you follow your heart. Sometimes your heart cuts a fart. That's the Cosmic Shame."

With 18 years of e-commerce experience also under my belt, I'm a shrewd marketer who is proficient with social media. Want to get your message out effectively? I'm your man.


BeardCraft.com FAQ page:

I recently had the pleasure of being contracted by beard-care website to craft responses to frequently asked questions (FAQ's). I think you'll find the responses to be informative, yet fun and conversational.

Metal & Madness magazine: (see Exploring Time Travel)

One of my greatest pleasures as a writer and a filmmaker is my ongoing relationship with Darren Marlar. In particular, I'm pleased to be a frequent writer for Weird Darkness, Darren's top-10 horror podcast on iTunes. Here are some pieces I researched and wrote for the show:

Writing, voicing and editing for YouTube channels:


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